Day 1: Saturday, October 29th, 2016
Time/Panel Moderator Presenter Presentation Discussant
08:30~08:50 Registration
08:50~09:00 Opening Speech
Jo-Shui Chen, Dean of College of Liberal Arts
Wei-Jan Chi, Chair of the Department of Drama and Theatre

Panel 1

Wei-Jan, Chi Xiao-Ping, Lu Reconsideration of Drama,
and Traditional Chinese Theatre of “Chuanqi”
Hui-Ling, Chou
Hui-Zhu, Sun Is Universality Possible in Content and Pedagogy? Les Miserables as an Etude Series in the School Drama Curriculum Wei-Hung, Kao
10:00~10:30 Interval and Coffee Break

Panel 2

Ya-Hsiang, Hsu Kun-Liang, Chiu Water Purification: Ritual Theatre in National Taichung Theatre’s Opening Event Po-Shen, Lu
Chih-Li, Lin Ritual and Play: Local Performance and Innovation of Ban-Shian Drama in Taiwan Ho-Yi, Lin
Wan-I, Huang The Invisible Pilots: Compilation of the Anthology of Performance Scripts in Ming and Qing Dynasty Hsing-Hui, Lin
12:00~13:00 Lunch Break

Panel 3

Chin-Jung, Chiu Yi-Mei, Wang Costume Design Management Strategies for Shakespeare’s As You Like It Chien-Jui, Wang
Hsiao-Mei, Hsieh Alienation Effects in Contemporary Xiqu Reconsidered: Chichiao Musical Theatre’s
The Police Chalk Circle
Yu-Pin, Lin
Hui-ling, Chou Digital Theatre and Mediated Performance: Discourse and Practice Jen-Hao, Hsu
14:30~15:00 Interval and Coffee Break

Panel 4

Ho-Yi Lin Sookyung Oh Orphan of Zhao Family
on the Korean Stage in 21 Century
Ai-Ling, Lu
Pei-Zhong, Pan Diverse and Instantaneous: The Online Interaction and Internet Dissemination of Gezi Opera
in the We Media Environment
Long-Ting, Chen
Hui-Ru, Shen Parody and Irony: The Culture of Theatre Troupes in Screen Narratives and Its Contemporary Meanings Ru-Fang, Shih
End of Day 1
Day 2: Sunday, October 30th, 2016
Time/Panel Moderator Presenter Presentation Discussant
08:40~09:00 Registration

Panel 5


An-Chi, Wang Yue-Lin, Wu  “Present” and “Taiwan”: The Practices and Creation of Peking Opera in Taiwan as Sites to Expand the Meaning of “Contemporary Xi-qu” Xing-Hui, Lin
Hui-Mien, Li The Thematic Variation of Chu Mai-Chen’s Divorce and Its Imagery – Based on Kunju’s Existing Complete Texts, Full-length Plays from Selected Scenes and Their Practices Ai-Ling, Wang
10:00~10:30 Interval and Coffee Break

Panel 6

Ching-Hsi, Perng Osita C. Ezenwanebe African Indigenous Performance Arts in the Theatre of Shadows on Arrival (2011) Howard Blanning
Catherine Diamond Human see, Human do: Simianificatio Cross-species, Cross-cultural, Body Transformation Pao-Hsiang, Wang
Fan-Ting, Cheng Performing Against the Grand: Jade Y Chen’s Mazu’s Bodyguards Wen-Ling, Lin
12:00~13:00 Lunch Break

Panel 7

Yu-Pin, Lin Tzu-Chung, Su A Critique of Phillip Zarrilli’s Psychophysical Approach to Actor Training Yi-Wei, Keng
Chia-Yi, See-Too Collision with Reality: The Indigenous Social Engagement of The Living Dance Studio (Beijing) Wei-Yu, Lin
Wei-Chi, Wang Local Theatre Studies in the Age of Globalization: Bodily Performance as an Intercultural Method Li-Wen, Wang
14:30~15:00 Interval and Coffee Break

Panel 8

Yao-Heng, Hu Yu-Hui, Fu When Space Becomes a Narrative, When Audience Become Active Spectators: Probing into The Relationship Between Taiwanese Little Theatres and Performance Arts since 1980s I-Chun, Chen
Tsui-Fen, Jiang Five Bushels of Rice. Damn! I-Fan, Chang
Yu-Shian, Lin Female Melancholy and the Writing of Love Madness: Bedlam Scenes of Ophelia in Hamlet and The Jailer’s Daughter in The Two Noble Kinsmen I-Chun, Wang
16:30~:17:00 Closing Speech
Hsiao-Mei Hsieh, Conference Organizer
End of Second Day